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Membership Rules

If you choose to become a member, we have some simple rules.

Memberships are currently for individuals and organisations who provide musical services such as tuition and lessons, and wish to promote these services on the internet.

The information you supply must be true. Copyright material may only be submitted with the owners consent. Offensive or inappropriate material is not permitted.

We reserve the right to alter, change or remove anything on the website. This includes changing the appearance of content and removing details supplied by members. We also reserve the right to refuse membership and the right to suspend or discontinue memberships. In reality, this is only likely to happen if a member abuses the service.

As a member, you will not use this service in an attempt to trick, cheat or deceive anyone.

At no time will the owner of this website be held responsible or accountable for service downtime, website unavailability, accuracy of details, change of service, or anything else regarding this service.

These rules do get changed from time to time. If changes are made, existing members agree to be bound by these changes.
All members are free to cancel their membership at any time.

We may send you an email every now and then.